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The Lakes at Franklin Mills The Lakes at Franklin Mills

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Breaking News ~
(check out the pictures of the coyotes in TLAFM in the Photo Album on the Resident's section of the web site)
They're still around and seemingly getting bolder.
Coyotes, that is. Residents of Kent's Franklin Mills and Forrest Lake neighborhoods are reporting more and more frequent sightings of the wild canines, saying they're even coming out during daylight, which is out of the ordinary for the mostly nocturnal animals.
Several residents spoke to City Council on Wednesday, asking the city administration to explore options to address the coyote threat. Forrest Lake resident Linda Nickson said small children and pets could be at risk, adding that the danger could be increased with the upcoming coyote mating season.
"That's a frightening thing for all of us to live with," Nickson said. "My greatest concern is we're hitting spring time so now we're talking about seeing cubs."
Councilman Michael DeLeone, a Fairchild Avenue resident, said the coyote sightings are certainly not isolated.
"I have coyotes in my neighborhood, too," DeLeone said. "They're all over the place."
Councilman Jack Amrhein said he planned to organize meetings with the leaders of homeowners' associations in the affected neighborhoods as well as representatives of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to explore possible solutions. Council received a presentation from an ODNR wildlife expert in January, who explained common habits and characteristics of coyotes and how best to prevent incidents.
Nickson said council is taking a good first step toward addressing the coyote problem, but ODNR data on the animals, so far, hasn't matched up with what she has seen. She said the coyotes seem to be getting more acclimated to people and growing more bold as a result.
"The city's already had ODNR come out and give us this whole report that they have on coyotes and what their natural habitat is and those things, but I don't think we're dealing with that, this is different," Nickson said. "We've seen them in the morning, we've seen them afternoon, we've seen them early evening."
"We are definitely concerned," added Linda's husband Ken. "I've been hunting for years. I've never seen coyotes out in the daylight."
Contact this reporter at or 330-298-1126
Gather all those items that you have been putting aside as you do your Spring Cleaning and turn them into cash on Friday and Saturday, May 22 and 23, 2015 from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.  The HOA will advertise the sale in local papers, Craig's List, and put up signs and banners at The Lakes at Franklin Mills entrances.
If you are participating in the Garage Sale, we suggest that you get a mylar balloon ($1.00 at the Dollar Store) and tie it on your mail box to help buyers identify the homes with the items to sell.  The sale will be held rain or shine.
If you have questions, please email
GAS LEAK, Saturday, March 14, 2014
Two natural gas leaks were discovered on Stonewater Dr. near the Fishcreek Creek bridge.  Odor of gas was present in the air which gave rise to a call to authorities.  One leak was at a gas head on the west side of Stonewater @ Fishcreek, close to the large soccer field parking lot where excess snow was dumped.  The owner of the private well was  contacted by Kent Police; not sure of the status of this situation.  The other leak was on the east side of Stonewater @ Fishcreek, was a pipeline leak from  East Ohio Gas, and has been resolved.
There appeared to be no immediate threat to the area and at least one of the issues was resolved.
A Facebook Group has been created for the residents of The Lakes at Franklin Mills. This is a closed group, which means that the posts and pictures can only be viewed by current members of the group. You can request to be a member of the group on the Group's Home Page Only residents of TLAFM will be approved to be members of the group.
Please vote for the dates that you prefer for the Annual Garage Sale for The Lakes at Franklin Mills.  The Survey is located at the bottom of the left column of the restricted part of the web site.  Log into the web site to reach the restricted part; if you have forgotten your user name and/or password, please click on the Forgot Password.
Are there any residents who are interested in playing EUCHRE? If so, please send a message to Web Master on the CONTACT US feature under the Residents' section of web page and your interest will be passed along to those interested in starting a EUCHRE group!
There have been a number of reports of coyotes in different areas of TLAFM.  Residents can view a several pictures of coyotes in the lakes and marshy area by going to the Photo Album on the Residents' part of the web site; some pictures show a coyote almost on a condo patio!  Thanks to Jerry Jividen for sharing his amazing photography!  Please be aware of the coyotes, if you have small pets and/or children, especially if they are out at night.  Make sure to keep pets on a leash and the walker should make noise, if walking at night, as noise tends to scare coyotes off. 
TLAFM has had EGRETS and there are pictures of them, taken by Jerry Jividen, in the Photo Album on TLAFM web site.
Kudos to TLAFM LifeStyles resident and HOA board member, Kevin Willis, who painted 40 fire hydrants in our neighborhood, including ones on Stonewater south of our neighborhood.  The paint was donated by the City of Kent.  It is amazing how the newly-painted fire hydrants have enhanced our neighborhood!   Recently the City of Akron contracted to have their fire hydrants painted at a cost of $80.00 each!  Just think of the value of Kevin's volunteer effort!   Thanks, Kevin, for this beautification project!
A City of Kent ordinance states that you may not place signs in the tree lawn or in islands; if they are so placed, the city will remove them!
The Fertilization component of landscaping of  the common areas and the LifeStyles homes will be provided by Tru Green this year; Turfscape will continue to do the mowing, mulching, etc.
Messages have been posted on the Message Board; you might want to read it and reply, as appropriate.
At the Annual Meeting there was some discussion of Goose control.  The 2014 Winter Edition of Wild Ohio Magazine has an excellent article "Goose on the Loose:  How to Approach Canada Goose Conflicts" and refers to a publication on the Canada Geese and the controlling of them, which you can access by clicking on this link.  Accordi
ng to the information, now is the time to begin harrassing them, as they start pairing up and looking for nesting sites.
If you have ideas for the socialcommittee/getting-to-know-you opportunities in TLAFM, please email 
If you see any suspicious activity, call the Kent Police at 911 or non emergency number:  330-673-7732.
Just a reminder that the City of Kent tests its siren systems twice per month:  the 1st Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. and the 3rd Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.
Minutes from the HOA Board Meetings and Annual Meetings are posted in the Documents section of the Residents' section of the web page.
MAILBOXES  (Single Family Homes, including LifeStyles & Admore Condos):
In an effort to improve the curb appeal of your home, if your mailbox is rusty or missing parts, such as its door, latch or flag, you should replace your mailbox with a white mailbox similar to the one being replaced. Home Improvement stores have white, reasonably‐priced, USPS‐approved replacement mailboxes in white plastic or metal. For example: Home Depot and Lowes have Gilbraltar Mailboxes Standard Size (20" DEPTH) White Galvanized Steel Rural Mailbox, Model #E1100W00, priced at $17.97. A larger size (22 3/8" DEPTH) of the same mailbox price at $24.97 would also be acceptable. Your house number is to be displayed on the door of the mailbox.
If the post holding your mailbox and newspaper holder is wobbly or crooked, it should be made vertical and solid in the ground.
If you have "stuff" that has accumulated in the newpaper holder of your mailbox, now would be a good time to clean it out, also!
Thank you to the neighbors who have replaced their mailboxes; if your mailbox is detracting from the curb appeal of your home, please consider replacing it.  A little TLC for your mailbox will greatly improve not only your curb appeal, but the overall look of the neighborhood.

Recommended by the Architectural Review Committee, see: Second Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for the Single Family Homes of The Lakes of Franklin Mills, Article IV,
If residents, family, and/or friends park their cars in the driveway or on the street, please remember to LOCK the car(s)!  It can be pretty tempting to passersby to try the doors of cars to see if they are locked -- and relieve them of their contents!
There have been various questions posed regarding the new rules handbook about authority, rights and rationale. It is a compilation of information from a number of documents: The Master Association Documents:  The Lakes of Franklin Mills Association, Inc. By-Laws and The Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for The Lakes of Franklin Mills; Single Family Homes:  The Second Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for the Single Family Homes of The Lakes of Franklin Mills; and Condominium documents:  The By-Laws for The Lakes of Franklin Mills Condominium Associationthe Declaration of Condominium Ownership for The Lakes of Franklin Mills, and several amendments to the Declaration.
The majority of the stated rules in the new handbook can be found in the Master Association's Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for The Lakes of Franklin Mills. Any rules not specifically found in the Declaration can still be valid and enforceable providing they do not contradict or are in direct conflict with the Declaration, Bylaws, or Federal and State laws.
The Lakes of Franklin Mills Association Handbook of Rules, Regulations and Information can be found on this web page under "Documents" or "Governing Documents" with most sections marked with virtual “sticky notes” to identify where that specific rule can be found in the Master Association's Declaration.  If not marked with a sticky note, the rule will generally fall under architectural oversight or the authority and/or requirement can be found in Chapter 5312 of the Ohio Revised Code.
The Lakes of Franklin Mills Association Handbook of Rules, Regulations and Information was approved by the Master Association Board and then promulgated on their behalf by management. It is Chapter 5312.06 (D)(5) of the Ohio Revised Code that provides the Board the authority to adopt and enforce rules with respect to the Common Element and it is the 2nd Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Single Family Homes of The Lakes of Franklin Mills (Declaration) which provides the Board implied authority throughout to do the same. The Declaration also specifically provides the Board and the Architectural Committee the authority to create rules as they relate the architectural oversight of the entire Association.
Please contact KareCondo, if you have any questions.

~ Did You Know? ~
The city of Kent has instituted a new single source trash hauler program.  Please familiarize yourself with it and be sure to sign up.
Just a reminder to all LAFM residents trash blowing around the development is not only unsightly, but it also gets into the lakes and the drainage system that keeps the lakes at a consistent water level. Please secure your trash for pick-up so that we do not have problems with soil erosion and basement flooding.

~ Survey ~
Please login to view and vote in our survey.

~ Upcoming Events ~
Friday, May 22nd, 2015 Friday and Saturday, May 22 and 23, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Gather all those items that you have been putting aside as you do your Spring Cleaning and turn them into cash! The HOA will advertise the sale.

~ Neighborhood News ~
It has been reported that the one remaining swan was killed by a coyote.  We will miss seeing the swan on our lakes.  Photos of coyotes in The Lakes at Franklin Mills are in the Photo Album in the resident section of the web page. 
If you take pictures of the neighborhood that you would like to have considered for posting on the PHOTO ALBUM on the Residents area of the website, please email them to Jerry Jividen at  Some new pictures have recently been added; you will want to check them out.
Following these Holidays, pick-up will be one day later than scheduled, if the holiday is before your scheduled pick-up day:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
Kent City Ordinance 521.15 requires ownders/occupants to remove snow and ice from sidewalks, but snow removal is more than just an ordinance, it is part of caring for each other within a comunity, and working together to provide safe, comfortable surroundings for ourselves and out neighbors. When clearing sidewalks and driveways, it is illegal to push snow into the street and/or block the sidewalks.  It is especially important to realize that if a contractor is hired for snow removal, keeping the sidewalk clear is the responsibility of both the contractor and the property owner.  Please take the time and do your part to remove snow and ice so that we can keep the winter season safe for everyone.
Streets in The Lakes at Franklin Mills are considered secondary streets and cul-de-sacs; the policy of the City of Kent is that these streets will be plowed and salted once the snow has ended and all of the main routes, school zones, hills and curves, and bridges have been plowed and salted.  DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE PARKING BAN ON STREETS WHEN WE HAVE SNOW!  If during the winter season you have any questions or comments about snow and ice removal, you may call the Service Department at 330-678-8105.
351.13 TWENTY -FOUR HOUR PARKING LIMIT.  No person shall park or store any motor vehicle, vehicle, or part thereof on any public street, alley, avenue, court, boulevard, drive or any other type of thoroughfare or right-of-way or part thereof within the City for more than twenty-four consecutive hours, which period shall include moving any vehicle or part thereof to another such public thoroughgare or right-of-way for parking or storage purposes.  (Ord. 1964-19.  Passed 4-6-64)Be sure that you check the City of Kent website so that you are familiar with parking regulations on city street; all of the streets and cul de sacs in The Lakes of Franklin Mills are city streets except the condo drives and the drive into the single family homes off of Edgewater Circle.
By registering with you can receive up-to-date information on what's going on in and around Kent.

Dogs are to be leashed at all times when in Common Areas of the LFM under Kent City Ordinance. Pet owners need to understand their joint and several liabilities with respect the rights of all homeowners and others who may use the walking paths around the Lakes and other public areas,  as well as those areas under the responsibility of the LFM Master Association and/or the City of Kent. We appreciate those pet owners who leash their dogs and encourage the rest to do so as well.
It is the pet owners duty to clean up after their pet; it is a Kent law to keep them on the leash, and out of people's yards. If these are infringed upon, the homeowner may contact the Animal Control Officer at the City of Kent Police Department 330-673-7732.
The NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUP was formed in 2010, not out of necessity, but because of a true passion and sense of ownership of our community here in The Lakes at Franklin Mills. Most Groups are set up only after a problem occurs and disbands shortly after the crime stops. Our group is an exception! Our "issues" have been relatively minor this year and we've all pitched in and done our part in ensuring that our neighborhood remains safe!
Neighborhood Watch is all about neighbors helping neighbors.  Residents are the best people to know if something in the neighborhood doesn’t look right, or someone doesn’t belong. If you see something suspicious, say something….immediately. Call 330.673.7732 or dial 911 to report suspicious activity. Note a description and direction of travel of people you report.
Although Neighborhood Watch is not a function of The Lakes at Franklin Mills Home Owners Association, additional Neighborhood Watch news and meeting summaries may be found at The Lakes at Franklin Mills web site-

As you are checking your doors before you go close up your home and go to bed for the night, please remember to check that your garage door is DOWN!  There is a lot of car and foot traffic through our neighborhood at night and some might find an open garage door too tempting, not to mention the critters that could get into your garage!  Better to be safe than sorry!

SHUTTERS AND FRONT DOORS: LifeStyles homes' shutters and front doors were originally painted with ICI (now Glidden Professional Paint) Hawthorne Green color; it can be purchased from Glidden Professional Paint, 315 E. Market Street (near Perkins Street), Akron, OH 330-762-7271; they are open 7 a.m.- 5 p.m. M-F.

OUTSIDE TRIM: Lifestyles homes' outside trim is painted with Sawyers Professional Almond color, Glidden Professional Paint.

FOUNDATIONS: The foundation paint used for  homes and condos in TLOFM is from Sherwin Williams called: Loxon XP, exterior masonry waterproof paint. The color is to  closely match  the siding color.  You can purchase the foundation paint at: the Sherwin Williams store in Stow, at 4333 Kent Road (Rt. 59), 330-688-3088.

Aqua Doc is the new service provider for TLAFM ponds.

It has been asked where can property owners go to have their property taxes re-evaluated.  This is a county function and information can be found at: